Thursday, June 10, 2010

Assamese fonts, problems and removing them

Since you must have noted that I write in my blog in Assamese fonts. To do this I use a bangla keypad software AVRO Keyboard. Avrokeybord is freely downlodable from, but, only this keyboard can not make you write in Assamese. You need to have a supporting OS (Operating System) and unicode compliant fonts.

Windows XP has support for Assamese typing but one has to install Complex Script Language pack from the installation CD. Vista, Windows 7 do not need any other installation. Then, you have to download some unicode assamese fonts. Since only assamese fonts are not available for free except Adarsha Ratne (but not a proper unicode font and has some very needed typing help is missing), you get some free bangla fonts. All free bangla fonts do have the assamese specifc ৰ And ৱ. you can get most of fonts from But, though the fonts are nice there is some difficulty as ৰু ৱু letters are not there. They do not have the ear-marked assamese RU and WU. But, these fonts can be added by modifying the fonts using some font editor program. While most font editors are expensive commercial product, I got which is an opensource program. Fontforge is for linux, but there are deportations in windows and I use mingw-deported fontforge. There I have created the missing letters and have solved some pairing problems.
Later on, I tweaked all the fonts in some or other way, and today, I found them working, which needs very minor modification. Which will be done in a few days. If anyone is interested in the new font you can mail me or just give your e-mail id by commenting.
We need a really beautiful font set for assamese letters. Because even in the fonts being used for books have minor problems which can be seen on closer observation.
I shall soon upload something with my fonts for all of you to see and to comment so that I can understand where are the mistakes and how can I correct them.
Come back soon.

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